Guess the partner’s characteristics through France romantic dishes on Valentine day

The couples do not only enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant, but also have the chance to get to know more about their partner’s characteristics through wonderful dishes on occasion of Valentine’s Day this year.


Referring to France, anyone would imagine a country with romantic beauty and extremely fine cuisine. This Valentine’s Day, let’s make the party become more meaningful and enjoyable with special dishes at La Badiane, a French restaurant where you are able to explore your partner’s trait.

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1. A sophisticated woman/man

People who love cakes or special dishes are really romantic. They are also quite sophisticated in choosing their cuisine and fashion style.

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Special menu for couples at La Badiane on Valentine’s Day

At La Badiane, your Valentine’s party will be added more sweetness of love by special desert created and designed by our chef Benjamin Rascalou. You surely have to keep those people because they are good at pampering their sweethearts.

 2. The gentle and consistent partner

Among variety of French dishes at La Badiane, they only order seafood dishes like smoked salmon, Pan-fried scallops, grilled shrimp… then, they are the gentlest people in the world.


This group of people will always receive the respect of their friends due to their gentle and consistent trait in life, love. They are also really reliable.

3. People who love to eat fruit and vegetable

This group will have a lot of success and attract a lot of attention because they are always full of energy. In their daily life and love, they are harmonious people, who know how to take care of their health. Staying by those people’ sides, you would always feel happy and peaceful.


Several high-fiber dishes at La Badiane, for example, Foie gras terrine, exotic fruit chutney in spices or Australian grilled beef tenderloin, vegetable risotto, green pepper sauce are served for Valentine’s Day this year. If he/she is able to finish the whole plate, then you must have found the right partner.

How about your Valentine’s date? Does it has anything special? Please, share with us!

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