Great advantages of salmon

Salmon is not only the essential fat-acid supplement that is good for  heart, skin and hair but it is also good for the brain. You should frequently come to La Badiane and enjoy nutritious salmon dishes!

Eating plenty of foods high in fat such as grease is not good for your health. Salmon contains very little of fat of that type. In stead, it includes omega-3 fatty which is a needed nutrient for the development of the human brain. Furthermore, salmon also have lots of other essential nutrients that can help strengthen overall health.

According to a recent finding, salmon has the following benefits: Maintain brain health; improve eye health; protect body from free radicals; prevent high blood pressure; prevent heart disease; skin and hair care; protect digestive system and prevent cancer.

Chef Benjamin with his talent has created  a lot of nutritious and delicious dish from salmon. Here are 03 most popular dishes made from salmon at La Badiane:

Salmon and eggplant

Sweet taste of smoked salmon with smooth baked eggplant and buttery goat cheese creates indescribably appealing flavor that you will love for the first time. It will be served with a little of coriander to balance the flavors. For sure, it is the dish that you should not miss out at La Badiane.


Salmon and eggplant

Smoked salmon roll in egg

Salmon is smoked until it’s slightly firm on the surface, rolled in the mixture of egg with parsley and scallion. Tomato salad with fresh top-ranked rocket leaves will balance the taste of salmon and gently stimulates your taste buds.


Smoked salmon roll in egg

Fresh salmon, tomato sauce with dill

Tender yet firm pasta will be more attractive to your appetite when going with soothing and sweet salmon. Tomato sauce cooked to the medium consistence complements the pasta in a perfect way. A hint of green dill will be a final touch to complete the dish

At La Badiane, there are many dishes made ​​from salmon and other healthy ingredients. If you have never tasted the dish by Chef Benjamin, come to 10 Nam Ngu, Hoan Kiem to experience yourself. If you have tried, let your taste buds at least one more time enjoy a new standard of “good food”.