For those who are going to have the very first business lunch

To host a successful business meal, which helps build relationships and create positive experiences of you and your allies, is kind of arts. Here are La Badiane’s interesting recommendations that you can not ignore.

1. Choosing location

Choosing a location of important lunch meal is crutial in business. If you don’t want to ask to your partners, there are some “safe” choices as: A restaurant in warm, gentle style, classy & understated style or close-to-nature style; one with so diverse menus that suits your allies despite whoever  they are: Vietnamese or foreigners, more interested in European or Asian cuisine, they are in diet or allergic to any dishes. Also, the restaurant should offer professional service, reasonable price, various payment methods and the location should is not too far from all of you as well.

2. Choosing position in restaurant

When discussing, you must need your position private and not affected by the noise from vehicles outside or customers around. Thereby, for the best space for business lunch that all of you can both relax and discuss in comfort without interruption from all around, you should choose a table on private room or one separate from others or one at the corner of restaurant.


3. Choosing dishes

You should take time to read through restaurant menu and give your allies a hand if they are in doubt in front of menu. Let’s impress your partners as a knowledgable person!


4. Choosing drink

It is recommended that you should let them choose first and then your choice follow. Drinking the same thing will make all of you in common and harmony atmosphere between each other. You can select wine to break the ice or cheer with them. In this case, please be sure that you are able to handle a moderate intake of alcohol. Being drunk in lunchtime perhaps harm your business meal and reduce both of yours productivity on afternoon time shift.


In business, making partner feel comfortable and building relationships are things you should set priority when holding a meeting. Therefore, thanks to paying attention in each meal, in each appointment, you will build a long-lasting relationship with your partners.