Going into ecstasy over French cuisine (Part 2)

With the uniqueness and diversity, the attractive French dishes has always been regarded as the cradle of European cuisine.

France is known as the cradle of European cuisine because just by the subtleness with familiar ingredients, the French can make such delicious, simple but full of “enchanted” dishes for the customers.



Steak is a raw meat dish which is well known all around the world. This dish is in fact just minced or chopped meat. Food is served on the table including a part of minced raw meat with onions, pepper, sauce …

Salade Nicoise


The beautiful Nice of France  owns a famous salad – Nicoise salade. The main materials are green vegetables, mixed with tuna, tomatoes, boiled eggs and delicious sauce. This dish can be used as a starter or the main course, served with wine.

French seafood soup (Bouillabaisse)


Bouillabaisse seafood soup is cooked with some special herbs such as saffron, garlic, zest orange peel, bay leaf and fennel which are very good for health. The perfect combination between white wine and this Bouillabaisse will certainly give the diners an unforgettable evening.

Chicken in red wine (Coq au vin)


Coq au vin is one of the traditional dishes of French cuisine. The dish is prepared quite simply by braising chicken with wine, cheese, bacon, onion and garlic. The tasty level of wine sause depends on the taste of each person, in each region.

Chicken is marinated in wine for a day, then fried in hot pan. Mushrooms, onions, garlic, butter and bacon are added with chicken on the simmer. When the sauce is thicken, add salt, pepper, thyme and other aromatic herbs, creating a fascinating blend of flavors.

Moules Marinieres


This is one of the traditional food of the French cuisine. There are many ways to prepare mussels, but most commonly they are marinated with wine and garlic, some spices and shallots which will surely make it hard for you to resist.

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