Goat cheese – precious food, “golden” ingredient

Cheese has long been a great source of nutrition. It can be eaten directly, or used as a complementing ingredient for different dishes to highlight the rich flavors of other ingredients.

Cheese is a great source of nutrition, providing fat, protein, calcium and vital minerals for the development of our bodies. Cheese can be made from milk of all types of cattle, each type of milk results in a particular type of cheese with its own flavor.

Goat cheese – precious food, “golden” ingredient 01

Provence – a land in the south of France – has become so famous for its production of cheese that it is called “the sanctuary of Banon cheese”. The main ingredient to produce cheese here is goat milk. Goat milk in Provence has richer flavor and taste creamier than others’, therefore, it is a wonderful ingredient to produce the famous Banon cheese.

Goat cheese is often used to make cakes, pizza or Italian pasta; or eaten together with bread, wine or salad.

Goat cheese – precious food, “golden” ingredient 02

At La Badiane, goat cheese has been combined with Parma ham – an Italy’s pride – grilled eggplants, pesto and balsamic sauce.

Goat cheese – precious food, “golden” ingredient 03

Grilled eggplants & goat cheese rolled in Parma ham, pesto & balsamic sauce

This dish has not only satisfied our customers’ appetite but also brought them lots of nutrition. It is a suitable appetizer for summer and autumn. Read more about the dish here.