Which glass is suitable when drinking sparkle wine?

In the cozy atmosphere of Tet holiday, sparkle wine has become a sort of drink that cannot be missed in the meal. Each kind of wine needs a special type of glass. La Badiane would like to introduce to you some ways to choose and use glass for drinking that you might not know before.

Glass for sparkle wine consists of three parts: bowl, stem and foot. The shape of the glass is very important. It keeps wine before diners take a sip, which plays an important role to the feeling of the diners. Therefore, it is necessary to care about the shape of the glass.

1. Glass for red wine

The bowl part of this glass is often round and larger than other types so that the wine will have more area to breathe. There are many glass with unique shape for red wine.


Source: wineglasses.com

Bordeaux glass or Burgundy glass is in the shape of a tulip flower with soft curves from the foot of the glass to the rim. This characteristic helps the air easily to blend into the wine so that the wine flavor will more attractive with its original taste. You should not forget to hold the stem gently and pour the wine into one third of the glass so that the glass can lean easily.

Bordeaux glass would be perfect when combining with sparkle made from Cabernet and Merlot meanwhile Burgundy glass is designed for types of precious sparkles made from grape in Pinot Noir.

2. Glass for champagne and sparkle wine


Source: depplus.com.vn

Champagne or sparkle wine is kind of light wine with sweet flavor and pleasant smell. The glass for these kinds of wine is often in the shape of cone or parabol, the rim is curved inside. The stem of the glass should be held with fingers in order not to make the wine warm and lose its flavor. With just two third of the glass, diners can enjoy the champagne or sparkle in the right way.

3. Glass for white wine


Source: dep.com.vn

The shape of glass for white wine should be narrower than the one for red wine but larger than the one for champagne. This design would help to keep the tiny bubbles in the wine perfectly, increasing the excitement for the diner when enjoying wine. The long stem encourages the diners to smell the wine easily, besides, the foot also bring the glass a light and glowing beauty.