When a gentleman prepares for the first date (Part 2)

The day of the date

In fact, daytime date or evening date is not as important as the time that both of you are free and comfortable. A guy who is elegant know when to pick the date: it should be weekend if you know the girl has her own business and she is busy with ton of projects recently; instead, Wednesday night should be chosen if you know a classical music concert that she loves in a French restaurant. Let be open so that both of you can spend time for each other, leaving every working concerns behide.


To save time, if you invite her a meal for the first date, let book pre-reservation!

A small gift

Being romatic and surprising are crutial rules for the first perfect date. So, let’s prepare a small gift to greet your girl. No matter how high-priced it is, it seems to be nonsense if your gift don’t tell her that you care about her favorite. The gift should be a small box of chocolates or a single rose. This is even better if you know what types of flowers or candies are your date’s favorites. Never try the single red rose on a casual first date, you may come on way too strong, as this signifies passionate love. Never do anything big on the first date.


A gentlemen will impress his girl at the first sight, not only by his appearance, characters, his way of communicating but also by his thorough preparation. La Badiane team hope that both of you have a perfect date from which your love will grow strongly.