When a gentleman prepares for the first date (Part 1)

The way leading to the heart of women is not so tough if you invested your time for the first dating. Especially, let see what will be arranged by a gentleman on this case.

Appearance (clothing, hair style,etc.)

A man who is gentle always pay attention to his appearance in front of his girlfriend. It is no need to choose luxury clothing or the state-of-the-art ones. They know how to choose the right one meeting their needs, suiting for their characters and help them be more confident when stading in front of others.

Moreover, the gentlemen know which clothes he should suit up according to the dating environment. If having a date in a 5-star restaurant, you will never see a gentlemen wearing short pants with pair of flip flop or wearing a simple clothing used daily such as sport ones.


Last but not least, don’t forget take care of your hair and your face few days before dating. The hair in form using a little gel goes with a bright face that tells about you as a person who love and care about yourself. A little perfume may work in this case and wow her with your confident.

Based on the first impresstions about appearance, the girl may read something useful about the guy whom she is dating with.

Date place

Beside of “what to wear”, “where to go” also a question that anyone wonder, especially  gentlemens, they often pay attention to pick right place for the date which can makes both feel comfortable and friendly.

So, a French restaurant famous for “fusion food” may be the choice can not be ignored by a gentlemen. It will be an amazing dinner to any girls if it is set next to a window full of wind, fresh air, both of you dive into the harmonious melody, the warm light from candles and enjoy glass of aromatic wine, tasteful food from French cuisine.


Your girl will be grateful to you if you let her know your date plans, where you are going so that she can manage to pick out the suitable dress.