Gastronomic meal of the French – the Intangible Cultural Heritage

In 2010, “Gastronomic meal of the French” was proclaimed an intangible cultural heritage of the world by its artistic ritual and performance.

“Gastronomic meal of the French” is held in the most important occasions of an individual or a group of people such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, reunion. It is not only a meal, but also a chance to bring people closer together. And the flair in dishes with the unique culture has brought the title of intangible cultural heritage for “Gastronomic meal of the French”.


Cultural experts have also commented that: French cuisine is peerless in the world. That is art of unusual excellence. For the French, washing their hands before eating is a mandatory practice. While eating, they abstain from noisy chewing and picking their teeth or belching in front of others seems to be the taboo. If they are invited to a diner, the guests usually bring along a bottle of wine as gift and use it in the meal.


A “Gastronomic meal of the French” is not only the perfect combination of all kinds of food, but also the blending of different flavors. The French always start a meal with young wine and end it with aged wine. They also have rules to combine wine: White wine before red wine, sour wine before sweet wine, common wine before delicious wine, light-bodied wine before heavy-bodied wine. And a French-standard meal will never combine less than 4 kinds of food. Commonly, the starter will begin with vinaigrette salad, the main course is served with various types of meat and finished with a dessert.


Romantic, delicate and full of emotion. What are you waiting for but coming to La Badiane to enjoy a true “Gastronomic meal of the French”?