Fusion dishes of Vietnamese – French Cuisine at La Badiane

Fusion food must be the best words to describe the culinary style of the dishes at La Badiane. On the purpose of getting closer to the Vietnamese diners, La Badiane has kept creating new dishes, which is not only unique but also still conveying the “spirit” of Vietnamese cuisine in each dish. Let’s explore these special dishes which emblems this imcomparable cuisine.

  1. “Pho cuon” in La Badiane style

“Pho cuon” (Pho spring rolls) is a very familiar food to Vietnamese. With these convenient and easy to seek ingredients, “pho cuon” is chosen by many Vietnamese for there daily family meals. However, under the skillful hands of La Badiane chefs, “pho cuon” is made a little different and become a very attractive and unique dish.

ảnh 1

“Pho cuon” in “La Badiane style” is admired by both Vietnamese and foreigner eaters

“Pho cuon” at La Badiane is created by the blend of 9 different ingredients from France and Vietnam. Prawn and chicken are tactfully cooked so that the meat should be soft and keep the natural sweetness, rolled with carrots and cucumbers. Eating with the sause of wasabi and the Japanese special soy sauce Kikoman makes diners irresistable.

ảnh 2

With special meterials, combining with ingredients of French – Vietnamese cuisine, “pho cuon” at La Badiane always hold a special appeal for diners just for the first time enjoying

2. Banana nem

As well as “pho cuon”, banana nem is also not too unfamiliar to Vietnamese cuisine. Raw materials to make this dish are also so “Vietnamese” with bananas, sugar, sesame … that any Vietnamese can do it.

However, when cooked at La Badiane, food has been elevated to a new “level” with a combination of additional ingredients of French cuisine. Traditional banana combining with halzetnut and pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande … creates a combination of “hot” and “cold” in a subtle way, which makes you unforgettable just for the first time enjoying.

ảnh 3

La Badiane Banana nem is not only the fusion of Vietnamese – French cuisine but also a subtle combination between the “hot” and “cold” taste.

What are you waiting for? Feel free to bring your friend and come to enjoy two incredibly unique dishes at the restaurant La Badiane at No 10 Nam Ngu Street, a series of unique French cuisine are waiting for you! Contact to book a table at: (04) 3942.4509.