The first French people set their feet on Vietnam in the 17th Century. No one could imagine that the relationship between the two countries had many ups and downs throughout these centuries later.

Since then, French cuisine had been absorbed by Vietnamese society with a number of new habits established. Typically, the culture of eating bread and drinking coffee of Vietnamese, nowadays, is the result of interaction of acculturation France – Vietnam

Café culture

French brought coffee trees into Vietnam first time in 1957. In France, from the small alleys or markets to the crowded malls, it is very easy for you to see a petite café – where people are able to relax, meet, gossip everything from politics to their neighbors’ stories…

VH nhip dap 1

French people love chit-chatting in cafes 

Drinking coffee culture of Vietnamese is almost the same. Most of cafés have the inner and outer areas on the streets to meet diversity of customers’ requirements. Vietnamese as well as French – never rush and could drink coffee at any time of the day. More than that, they feel satisfied and enjoy those leisure chats over cups of coffee every day.

VH nhip dap 2

Most of French people like enjoying coffee outsides

French bread or Vietnamese bread?

Bread is the most basic food of French people specifically and European, in general. It first came to Vietnam in the 19th Century. However, at that time, bread quality of Vietnam is not good. After a while, when flour supplies are more abundant, Vietnamese people started to get used to authentic bread made by French bakers and gradually improve its quality.

VH nhip dap 3

French baguette with jambon

Nowadays, bread could be found on every street, at any time of the day. If French prefer serving with meat, ham, sausages or butter and cheese, Vietnamese had created their own eating style with different stuffing. Vietnamese change ham, bacon into familiar food like “gio”, “cha”, omelet… and add other ingredients, typically are vegetables such as coriander, cucumber… Instead of being complex with plates and forks like French, Vietnamese advance convenience by handling it by hands to eat with a layer of paper wrapped around.

VH nhip dap 4

Vietnamese style bread stuffed with meat and different spices based on people’ palates

The acculturation France – Vietnam process did not limit fields (not only cuisine but also architecture, construction, religion…) and have not stopped yet. Thus, if you are French, when come to Vietnam, it is not difficult to find a loaf of bread or a café or a restaurant with French style, and vice versa.