French toast – the unique specialty from France

Although French toast is just a bread dipped in the liquid of milk and egg before it is fried, the special taste of this dish is so attractive that nobody can refuse trying it.



French toast originated from long ago. Many documents describe it as a kind of bread dipped in milk (without egg) and called “another sweet dish”. This dish is often served in breakfast, light meal  and also dessert of the European.

As what it is called, French toast has the fragrant and creamy taste of egg and milk after being fried. The outer side with the color of brown yellow together with the crispy taste makes the  dish so attractive. It will bring you the amazing feeling when you try it with honey or jam. This dish will certainly win the influence from the gourmets.

You can add the powder of cinnament and vani to the liquid of egg and milk before frying bread. By this way your French toast will be even much more delicious.



Making a French Toast is not too difficult and you do not need a lot of time to accomplish one. With easy-to-find ingredents, you are sure to make this dish right in your house so that everyone in your family can enjoy it. This will be the nice dish to serve the breakfast of your family.