French and great winter dishes

Wintertime can be gloomy because of the cold but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can be the some of the best months for anyone who loves to eat. This time of year is a hearty season because the French tables are filled with all kinds of comforting and filling dishes.

The followings are five great winter dishes of French that La Badiane want to share with you.

1. Fondue savoyarde



French people love their cheeses. One that is most famous in the world for its impressive melting characteristic is the Fondue Savoyarde, made with Comte, Emmental and Beaufort cheeses cooked with white wine and garlic.

2. Coquilles Saint-Jacques 



There’s no wonder why Coquilles Saint-Jacques is such a French cuisine classic. Imagine combining scallops, mushrooms and wine in one dish… The result is heaven on earth.

3. Pain au chocolat



Even though winter can be unpleasant at times, you can always find comfort in fresh from the oven Pain au chocolat. The sweet rolls from South of France is one treat you cannot simply pass up. Golden in color, crisp outside and melted chocolate… get the picture?

4. Canrad à l’Orange



Roasted chicken in winter is a good choice for a main dish. But what’s even better is roasted duck in orange sauce. You can’t say have eaten duck  until you’ve tried  this French classic.

5. Daube Provencal



Daube is an inexpensive option where beef is braised in wine, vegetables and herbes de Provence. Cooking is often done a day before to allow the flavors to fully bloom.