Foie gras was once recognized as a cultural and culinary heritage of French. It’s one of rarely precious foods that can attract any dinners.

French foie gras is often served in international standard restaurants as not every restaurant has ability to prepare this dish. It is not only delicious but also rich in protein, which can be compared with nutritious foods such as salanganes nest or deer antler velvet

Foir gras is often known as a main ingredient of pate but there are many other dishes made from foie gras you should try at least one time. After tasting these dishes, you will understand why it is called “brown amber”.

Foie gras with grape cheese sauce

Taste of foie gras is so great that our chef only need to add a handful of salt, pepper and mild aroma herds to complement the dish.

Buttery taste of foie gras and well-seasoned cheese can satisfy your taste buds. Main ingredients perfectly served with the slightly sour grape sauce and sip of wine will make the balance of the dish which is as perfect as a great symphony.

anh suu tam


Fried & fresh foie gras terrine, figs & red fruits chutney, candied onions

It seems like that words can not describe the perfection of fried & fresh foie gras terrine. Figs and red fruits chutney prepared with exclusive La Badiane recipe and candied onions all the more make a great dish that will refresh your culinary delight at the beginning of the meal.

anh 1d

Bread with Parma ham, apple sauce in cinnamon & honey, roasted pine nuts

Bread with Parma ham, apple sauce in cinnamon & honey, roasted pine nuts. Have you ever tasted Parma ham and Foie gras- the signature foods of France? If you haven’t, you should try them soon. If you have  already, just try them again in a totally innovative “combination” of our chef Benjamin. You will definitely have a new standard of good food.

anh 2