Not only having wine, France is home of many other kinds of alcohol that are famous all over the world for their flavors such as  champagne, Brandy, Cidre, Ricard,…

The climate in France is very diverse, so that alcohol produced in France brings various tastes depending on the region climate, ingredient fruits, recipes or preservation methods. Most important thing is the delicate caring from the wine makers. All of those make the outstanding difference of French alcohol in comparison with products from other European countries.

In addition to Bordeaux and Coté du Rhone wine, there are many other famous kinds of alcohol in France such as Champagne, Brandy (Cognac and Armagnac, Ricard – anise wine and Cidre – apple wine from legendary Normandie.


Champagne is light wine of Champenois. Women also like this kind of wine because of its light flavor. Champagne is an alternative of wine in some parties as not everyone can get used to the astringent taste of wine.

They range from dry (brut) for appetizer to mildly sweet (demi-sec) served during meal to very sweet (doux) served after meal.




Brandy of France or also known as Eau-de-vie. French brandy includes Cognac and Armagnac that are produced in 2 different regions of France: the Southwest (Cognac) and the South (Armagnac). Brandy gives a very pleasant fragrance, so people often slightly shake the glass to enjoy the flavor before drinking.

Glass of cognac should be luxurious design with a small rim to keep full fragrance of the spirit. Cognac should be drunk in normal temperature or with a warm glass. Drink each small sip, remember to smell it as an indispensable gesture when drinking brandy.

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Apple wine – Cidre

In addition to grapes as material resources, the French also take advantage of Normandy apple to produce wine. Apple wine named Cidre de Normandie is a specialty that you should not miss when visiting France. Like Champagne, Cidre has many types such as: Brut, Demi-sec and Doux served depending on the taste. Apple Cidre is very light and suitable to drink during meal or used as ingredient in some dishes such as the stewed beef or chicken in the culinary style of the people from Normand and Breton.



Anise wine – Ricard

The French are proud of a kind of wine with high concentration of alcohol and delicate flavor of anise named Ricard. This wine is extracted from licorice root to enhance the aroma and concentration of anise in wine. Almost of French restaurants and bars offer this spirit.

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