Foie gras – the pride of French cuisine

France is the country from where European cuisine began to develop. French dishes are not only various but also cooked sophisticatedly. We can not talk about French cuisine without mentioning foie gras, the obvious pride of the country.

The star on the table

When you ask a French about a French specialty that almost be served in every family occasion, the answer will certainly mention foie gras. It is so important that the French president had to issue a decree, ruling the way of processing and naming dishes related to the foie gras and rate it as a state-protected cultural and gastronomy heritage in France. French enjoy foie gras on special occasions such as family parties, sumptuous dinners at expensive restaurants, the 5-star hotel and Christmas. In addition to oysters with fresh lemon juice for festival, foie gras and  baked round bread also play an important role like “Chung cake” and pickled onions in the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. People have foie gras not only as a dish but actually, it is a symbol of a cozy year-end family meal.


Foie –gras always shines like a star on the table

The first reason why you should choose foie gras probably is that it’s both delicious and healthy. Foie gras contains many useful fats, especially saturated fat that helps reduce blood fat, risks of cardiovascular disease and increase life expectancy. Research has shown that the people living in Southwest France have higher life expectancy thanks to habit of eating foie gras dishes. The second reason, it is a traditional dish of France – a country with the world’s superlative cuisine. Foie gras is a “copyright” of French cuisine and only  served in the high-end restaurant because it brings unique culinary culture of the French, especially when it is sautéed. Its flavor is subtly featured in essence, especially when enjoyed with a little of wine.


Foie gras– French “Copy Right” dish

Foie gras terrine at La Badiane

Goose liver pate (terrine) is the most popular cold foie gras. This pate uses goose liver as main ingredients, combining different meats and liver of duck or chicken. Goose liver pate quality is determined based on the percentage of foie gras. Being buttery but thin, smooth and quickly melting on the tongue, it has outshined many other common foods to combine perfectly with toast and white wine.


Foie gras with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds: The buttery taste of foie gras together with blackcurrant liquor and sweet flavor from fig with the attractive roasted almond would make the dish so delicious that you can not find anything more stunning.

If having chance to come to La Badiane, please don’t forget to try this special dish and experience the splendid details of French cuisine.