Five desserts for Tet holiday

Besides main dishes and sweetie, desserts also play an important part to make Tet holiday warmer.

The following is five simple and familiar desserts that La Badiane brings to you.

1. Yogurt mousse & crispy rice, passion fruit sauce


Fresh and soft yogurt covered with crispy green rice flakes together with the light sour flavor from passion fruit sauce will definitely make your meal a perfect one.

2. Mango charlotte, coconut emulsion and raspberry sauce with pistachio


 The cake is the marvelous combination of sweet and fat flavor from coconut sauce, buttery taste from chestnut and also attractive sour sweet flavor from raspberry and mango.

3. Pudding chocolate



Pudding chocolate is suitable for the atmosphere of Tet holiday when people gathering in the meal. You can enjoy the special taste from this dessert.

4. Matcha juice with vanilla flavor



Fresh fruit juice with vanilla flavor is such an attractive dessert which everyone definitely wants to taste. You will never forget the flavor of sweet matcha after tasting it.

5. Fried banana dessert soup with sugar



Dessert soup is a kind of dish for summer, however, if you want to enjoy this soup in the atmosphere of cold and warm on Tet holiday, you can taste it when it is still hot. This dessert will bring you fantastic experience even after you are full with other main dishes.