You could find peace in every seconds at La Badiane

Do you know that each moments at La Badiane could offer feeling of true peace? Right from the entrance planted with luxuriant vegetables leading to restaurant to the moment you end your last dessert, every experiences are La Badiane’s concerns.

If this is the first time you have come to La Badiane, you will be impressed by the entrance planted with 2 rows of vegetables. The well-cleaned countyard and carefully pruned trees brings to you the feeling of being tranquil and close-to-nature as if you are in a garden-house. Being rated as 5-star restaurant but the way La Badiane designed for itself isn’t luxurious. The restaurant owner wants to offer the friendliness instead of the coldness.

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Entering restaurant, it’s for sure that you will smile when receiving pleased hand-shake and kind welcome-smile from our friendly staff. It seems like a guess coming to your house for the first time, instead of million words, your hand-shake and smile will greet him/her so much.

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From the moment you are sitting on the chair, you will be treated as if you were the best with 5-star experience. You will be advised which food you should choose if you haven’t had any ideas, be taken care, be served whenever you need. There always is a staff standing far enough from you to guarantee your private environment and your best cuisine experience at La Badiane.

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Last but not least, the special thing you just find only in La Badiane is that, when you finish your meal, our chef or manager will come to you, ask about the foods, your feelings and offer his sincere thanks to you.

All of the smallest details above makes memorable cuisine experience of customers at La Badiane. They are memorable because each moment is priceless and you receive a lots of respect.