Festivals that you can’t miss when traveling to France

France is beautiful in every angle with the symbol of a modern city and also unique festivals. Let’s discover some information about festivals in France and try to seek a chance to join in if you travel to here.

Lemon festival


The work of art illustrating people’s life in the theme of year.

Source: sotaydulich.com

Located in the South of France, Menton is a peaceful village with temperate climate which is suitable to cultivate lemon and orange trees. Lemon festival is held every year in the middle of February when the oranges and lemons are ripe. When joining the festival, you can have chance to visit some famous works like Eiffel tower, Columbian temple, Big Ben clock and also the wild life with plants and animals. All of them are created so vividly from hundred tons of lemons and oranges.

Carnival festival

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Artists camouflaging in the image of cartoon characters.

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Originated from the word phrase “Carne Levale” in Latin, “Carnival” means “a farewell to meat”. This festival is often held in Roman Catholic countries, it is the time when people enjoy the party of music and dancing. Especially, there are a lot of artists camouflaging into cartoon characters, which makes the festival more animated and interesting.

Lyon light festival


A vivid Lyon light festival

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First held in 1852, the festival is the time for people in Lyon to show their gratefulness to Mother Maria for her help to the people to come over difficult days. With the talent of hundreds of designers and experts in light from all over the world, you will find the beautiful scenes here like the world of the fairy tales.

Besides, there is also Rome festival and Sparkling wine festival in France, which are so attractive that you cannot find in second place.