The favorite foods for Hanoi summer

With the mercury levels rising to new highs everyday, summer seems to completely drains us out. Dehydrated and low on energy, we look for ways to cool ourselves. Our body needs cooling foods that will balance our temperature and keep our energy levels stable.

Hanoi summer is famous with dazzling sunlight, crystal clear sky and the outside temporature may be reach 40 celsious. The scorching summer makes us drained out, dehydrated and uncomfortably burning. On these blazing hot days, all of people need to take care of themselves, especially those who always are on the outside, such as manual workers or travellers. During summer session, the kinds of food that Hanoians love in the summer are a bit different from ones in the winter. They prefer the cooling and juicy foods as fruit or vegetable to stay cool and well hydrated.


Fresh prawn spring rolls, wasabi sauce contenting wholesome and wonderful cooling properties will bring delicious and refreshing taste

Summer is hot and sweltering so that people tend to choose some flavours as fresh sweet, sour, cool and keep away from a depth of flavour or severe taste. There is veriety of watery fruits such as tomato, watermelon, cucumber, passion fruit,… They are rich nutriment ingredients of salad or smoothie which are lip-smacking and full of healthy benefits. Instead of taking much meat to warm the body in the winter, we need take fruit more to cool off and save stomach from indigestible foodstuffs.


Seafood is a good choice if you want to bring down the body temperature

Fast foods and greasy, oily food items (when fried or stir-fried) is minimalized in summertime.


Summers can never be fun without ice cream

However, Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general owns so much interesting beauty deserved to exlore when summer comes. If you are a traveller, let’s enjoy summer and the world of food therein.


A natural feeling come from cooling restaurant