The most favorite dishes of La Badiane’s new menu

Do you know that just for a short time coming into service, La Badiane new menu has received a lot of praise from customers. Especially, we have to mention the excellent desserts, which has pleased thousands of customers here. Here are some wonderful desserts of La Badiane.

Tart of “Crème brûlée” in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet

Hearing the name and we can feel the freshness and sweetness of this dessert, right?


The fresh sweetness of “Crème brûlée” is not too much, not too sharp that will make you totally surprised. In addition, the freshness and pleasant aroma of tangerine sorbet is able to conquer any fastidious diners’ taste. And finally the natural freshness of raspberry salad would be a perfect ending for the wonderful meal. All of it will make the customers full of admiration, attachment and want to experience some more.

Many diners are surprised and have “a crush” on this exquisite dessert.


The natural sweetness of all ingredients blended harmoniously has created a combination of taste elegantly, subtly and impressively.

Amaretto tiramisu, pear pastilla in cinnamon, pistachio ice-cream

This is another creation with cream and fruits in a completely natural way. But unlike the first dessert, if the first one can bring the subtly sweet to the diners, this one can make the customers fall in love with the softness and smoothness as well as the irresistible typical sweetness of this tiramisu of love.


Can you imagine the feeling of ladling deep into the cup of soft and smooth tiramisu, then tasting the gentle but attached sweetness remaining on top of your tongue? You will find that the cake seems to melt in the mouth, very softly, very smoothly.

The fresh sweetness of pear pastille, the buttery taste of pistachio and the aroma of cinnamon will make any diners irresistible.

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You have a crush on the desserts of La Badiane, please share with us. Or else come to La badiane at No. 10 Nam Ngu to experience this talented combination by yourself.