Favorite cakes in France

France is not only famous for incredibly sweet, beautiful, attractive and “fascinating” dishes but also for its reputation of the most “sweet tooth” country in the world. Here are some popular famous pastry in the cuisine capital of Europe.

1. Tart cake

Being quite common and favorite in France, Tart is enjoyed in the morning as a daily breakfast by French. With yellow and puff crusts and fruit slices inside, tasty and crunchy Tart will really attract any customers, and bring an extremely satisfied, relaxed feeling in the plate just in one single time enjoying.


The combination of soft sweetness inside and the crispy of the crust outside makes a perfect Tart cake

2. Macaron Cake

You will not be able to resist the lure of the Macaron with countless different colors presenting in most of the French pastry shop.

Making a perfect Macacon with crispy crust, soft inside with delicate sweetness and gentle fragrance requires a skillful chef who can “feel” ingredients really good and have ingenious baking techniques.

The interesting point in each Macaron you can not ignore is the special cream sandwiched between two crusts made by specific formula with typical salty caramel of French cuisine.

3. Tiramisu cake

The typical tastiness of the blend of eggs, cheese cream has taken Tiramisu to “travel” around the world, becoming an indispensable dish next to a cup of French coffee.

The cake is filled with a soft, smooth cheese layer tasted strong alcohol. Sipping a crispy piece of chocolate, almond aroma of wine blending with the sweetness of the tiramisu will make you ecstatic just for the first time enjoying. Thus, there is no doubt that people give Tiramisu “winged” praises as: “Heaven in mouth”


Originated in Italy but Tiramisu has become one of the most favorite puddings in France

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