To the far side of foods at La Badiane

Customers came back to La Badiane because of not only its ambience, service quality but also its food – the crucial “weapon”. Have you ever wondered which special and who is to the far side of these wonderful dishes?

To be able to bring memorable culitary experience to customers, the standard of the food now no longer is for “eating to be full”, it is for “eating to be fulfilled”. Therefore, the chef couldn’t stop innovating to make a new and attractive meals. The fresh ingredients are selected and cooked so well that they could remain the ordinary taste and their rich nutritious.


This adorable dish was served by La Badiane’s chef

Furthermore, a food need to be well-presented. So that, after cooking, the chef needs spend time decorating to make an eye-catching dishes. They pay their attention into each details so carefully that this “work” must be perfect before the time it is already on the table.


This foie gras was a beautiful work made from its colorful ingredients and amazing band of sauce

At La Badiane, the food is not only something to eat, it is something else to enjoy because it is served by a whole-hearted team. With the skilled hands and sense of art, the chef show up their soul and their desire through these dishes which are called “pieces of art”. It is kind of feeling of peace when you can feel how thoughtfully La Badiane team served you, when you enjoy these lip smacking dishes.


Our Chef Benjamin was decorating for his food in concentration

Let’s come to enjoy some simple fun and happiness. Do not forget to discover something interesting behind each dish at La Badiane!