The Famous Roast Escargot from France

Have anyone ever had the experience of eating snails? The French escargot is fairly popular among the western dishes. Despite not something to be as noble as Oyster, the escargot has attracted more people to enjoy its delicacy.

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The French escargot is the most popular among the edible snails and is regarded as the ‘gold in meat’ due to its being nutritious and pharmaceutical values. The French escargot is high-protein and low-fat with various vitamin, microelement and amino acid which can not be synthetized in human bodies. As is shown in the related materials of French Dietetic Association, the snails can generate the effect of clearing heat, detoxication and detumescence as well as regulate the blood pressure and take precautions against cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. What is more, one can also keep his or her beauty and prolong life by long-term eating escargots.

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The escargot has always been regarded as a fashion and fortune by French people. The escargot has always been the first cold dish served on the table in each festival in France. It is estimated that 60 thousand tons of escargot meat will be spent per year in France, which means that each year 300 thousand tons of fresh escargot are needed.

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The way to cook the French escargot has its own features and roast is always the main method: first of all, the scream is to be brushed on the escargot meat; then to crush the escargot meat together with green onion and garlic; mix the crushed escargot meat and some butter and ingredients; and the next step is to put the mixture into the complete and cleaned escargot shell; finally the cook is done when the escargot is roasted. After the scream is totally melted, the escargot is OK to eat.

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Generally speaking, the French people usually use special pliers to enjoy the escargot with one hand holding the escargot by the special pliers and another hand pulling the meat out of the shell. With the some sauce and chili paste on it, the escargot will be fairly delicious.

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