Exploring green vegetarian menu at La Badiane

In the summer, hot weather makes you uncomfortable, and eating becomes not as tasty as usual. The brand new green vegetarian menu La Badiane will be the “savior” for you. If you’ve ever tried, you will feel this great. If the answer is no, then you’re missing out on something “must try in life”, you know?

La Badiane vegetarian menu consists of 4 courses: appetizer, main course, trou normand (ice cream) and dessert. Beyond the usual assumptions, your taste will be fully awakened and experience a fascinating journey in the culinary world.

Appetizer: Zucchini & beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade, arugula with candied lemon & sesame biscuit

DSC_6479 copy

Black olives tapenade was softly rolled in zucchini. Arugula was cool. Crispy sesame biscuits accompanied with sour lemon jam. Gently enjoying, you would feel a bit of relief, a little hard to resist.

Main course: Asparagus & cauliflower risotto in saffron, grenadine & coriander candied onion

Welcome you in the main course was  Italian risotto cooked in the style of chef Benjamin at the La Badiane. With a combination of asparagus, cauliflower, onion jam fried with coriandrum sativum refreshing pomegranate flavor, fragrant sticky risotto, no one could deny the appeal of this dish.

Trou Normand: Lemon sorbet in basil oil, roasted tomato in thyme perfume, crispy Parmesan cheese

Is this the first time you seen an ice cream in vegetarian menu? If so, you will be even more amazed when enjoying. Silky cream with cool lemon blended with fragrant basil oil melts on your tongue. Meanwhile, tomatoes are perfectly roasted in thyme perfume and Parmesan cheese is so crispy.


DSC_6452 copy

There are 5 option for you to end your meal. They are 5 desserts. Tiramisu with chestnut cream in Amaretto liquor, crispy chocolate, apple & strawberry crumble, lemon sorbet, balsamic glaze bringing you unforgettable impression. Hot mellow chocolate with Amarena cherry, blackcurrant pepper sorbet from Phu Quoc, emulsion & glaze coffee is so attractive. Tart of “Crème brûlée” in rosemary, raspberry & grapefruit salad in olive oil, tangerine sorbet and Banana nem with hazelnut & pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande, pistachio ice-cream will surely satisfy you.

Please try, lots of surprises are waiting  for you!