Enjoying grilled eggplants & goat cheese rolled in Parma ham, pesto & balsamic sauce

Prosciutto di Parma (Parma harm) has been always traditional food and culinary pride to Italian people.  Parma ham was selecetd one of top ten dishes that need strictly preserving by European Union.

There are a number of places where produce good jambon in Italy. However, the most well-known jambon (ham) producer shall be Parma. In Parma, the process of making prosciutto can take anywhere from eigth months to two years till the final products deliver a distinctive pink or red tinge; and smell appelling.

At La Badiane, chefs use Parma jambon for starters and main courses preparaion, particularly salad with Parma ham or the combination between Parma ham and goat cheese or eggplants.


Grilled eggplants & goat cheese rolled in Parma ham, pesto & balsamic sauce served in La Badiane

Chef Benjamin at La Badiane, with his confidence of culinary knowledge,  decided to mix that famous Italian harm with other new ingredients to offer best taste to diners.


The dish is a combination of various ingredients from the simplest to the more expensive ones as Parma ham 

This dish is a wonderful combination of grilled eggplant, goat cheese, pesto & balsamic sauce and the main ingredient – Parma ham – Italian pride. It is expecetd to bring diners fresh experiences in a culinary journey.

The slightly bitter taste of grilled eggplant together with the pleasantly salty of goat cheese rich in nutrients rolled in a thin slice of Parma ham eatten with pesto & balsamic sauce. That would be promising experiences to try tastes of a mixture of different ingredients: salty milky cheese, bitter grilled eggplant, tasty Parma ham and fresh pesto & balsamic sauce.

That would be a dish that provide diners a wide range of tastes from various kinds of ingredients including the familiar foods as eggplant to the more luxurious ones as high quality Pamar ham. Diners are supposed to always put it right to get to know a newly culinary world in La Badiane restaurant.