Enjoy holiday cuisine in French way

Have you planed for coming long holiday? Why not come to La Badiane and experience unforgettable flavors and indulge yourself in a freshly green space.

April 30 is an important ceremony of Vietnamese with the legendary victory that defeat completely war of aggression and domination of colonialism American, result in liberation of the South Vietnam and nation reunification. This year, along with National Kings Hung’s anniversary (Lunar March 10) and International Labor Day (May 1), we will have a 6 day holiday.

On those days, tourist destinations would have been crowded, so why don’t think about another choice:  enjoying Hanoi holiday in different way.

Come and enjoy yourself in a  freshly green space

labadiane - khong gian

Is this alley pretty enough for you to come?

Coming to La Badiane, no.1 French restaurant in Hanoi, you will see a little France with space designed in pre-colonial style and attractive dishes, which make no difference from your true experiences in the beautiful country.

Must try dishes

labadiane- 2

Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis

It is the great space where you can perfectly enjoy French cuisine prepared by top chefs from France. The food is a clever combination of fresh ingredients, creating exceptionally inviting flavors.

The dishes are “products” that chef Benjamin and his colleagues have painstakingly prepared  for customers this holiday season. To enjoy the luxurious meal with style of French cuisine, you should not ignore some specifications of the high-end culinary art: appetizer, main course and completing with dessert. For this holiday, you have enough time to enjoy all of those, do you?

Appetizer:  Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis

Beginning with appetizer, at La Badiane you will have chances to enjoy the most amazing appetizers from France. One of the most best seller appetizers here is mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis.

The sweetness of the fish with the slightly sourness of the tomato, crispy onions and tiny cube-cut of buttery avocado; mixed with the hint of the chili bell pepper sauce will stir up your mouth and makes you feel both impatient and calm.

Main course from gambas

labadiane- 3

Grilled gambas in lemongrass, rolled cauliflower “pastisotto”, grenadine & coriander candied onion, lemongrass emulsion

Treat yourself well in this holiday with the gambas dish: grilled gambas with fragrant smells of lemongrass, rolled cauliflower and  Parma ham in creamy sauce will melt in your mouth. A little candied onion fried with coriander and grenadine, you may completely satisfied with your choice.

Interesting finish with an outstanding dessert

labadiane- 4

Banana nem with hazelnut & pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande, pistachio ice-cream

This is an exotic dish, combined by “hot” and “cold” in a subtle way. Fragrant and sticky banana spring rolls with the presence of buttery hazelnut and pistachio, salty caramel, especially renowned French Guerande salt, flavors of this dessert will make you ecstatic until the ending of the culinary journey in holiday.

red wine

A glass of wine for the culinary journey

French dish and wine are considered “a couple in love”, wine will bring the best flavor of the dish for you enjoying its quintessence. A glass of red wine will complete the dish for a bolder taste.

Hope to  see you at La Badiane this holiday!