Enjoy cuisine in the country of love

France might be an ideal destination for those who love beauty, traveling and enjoying life. French cuisine is well known all over the world in both of long history and the variety of dishes. Today, La Badiane will help you to discover cuisine of this beautiful country.

Look back to the origin of French cuisine with La Badiane

The party with en confusion service (all dishes are served up at the same time) has emerged since the Middle Ages. Food processing is diverse and seasoned to have a bold flavor. When decorating, people also pay attention to the color mix and match of foods in order to make beautifully presented dishes. It would be said that French cuisine is featured with fussy art decoration to do honor to the exquisite dishes.

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Escargot- a dish made from snails

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The book “Cuisinier françois” of La Varenne chef in the 17th century is regarded as the first cookbook of France which marked a big change in method of food processing, making dishes with lighter taste.


Enjoy dishes with red wine, a

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In 1691, Chef François Massialot wrote Le Cuisinier ROIAL et bourgeois, arranging the dish recipes in the order of the alphabet. It is considered a prerequisite for the dictionary of French cuisine.

The concept of haute cuisine (fine dining) was completed in the late 19th century and early 20th century thanks to the chef Georges Auguste Escoffier.

Enjoying dishes in French style

A meal normally consists of three parts: appetizers (Hors d’Oeuvre), main course (Plat principal) and dessert (Pâtisserie & Dessert). Let’s learn about these dishes with La Badiane!

Foie gras

Foie gras is an appetizer made from goose or duck terrine. Foie gras, one of French signature dishes, is soft, buttery and light. At La Badiane, we offer Foie gras with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds.

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Awakening your appetite Terrine at La Badiane

French Mille-feuille lamb shank

Mille-feuille lamb shank becomes more tender when slowly braised with spices. Goat milk feta cream cheese is elegant. Pumpkin salad is naturally fresh. A little lamb licorice juice is mingled, you seem to just start an exciting journey in the other side of Hemisphere.

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Experiences of French flavor


Brioche is a famous French dessert. It is creamy, smoother and more condensed than flan or crème anglais (Bristish flan). Biroche with savory caramel gently covering a soft and smooth slice of bread and ripe banana is like the sweetest “substance” in the world.


Unique dessert with the combination of savory and sweet taste

With a long history and diversity in raw materials and processing methods, French cuisine has fascinated many people, including food lovers and those who love beauty in subtle dish decoration. Come to La Badiane to experience French food and space in the heart of Vietnam, why not?