Enjoy the autumn of Hanoi

Four seasons of Hanoi have their own charm, but no one tells one, people still keep coming back the land of thousand years of civilization each time the autumn is coming. Maybe because autumn is the most suitable season for visiting Hanoi.

Autumn is coming gently with some slightly autumn wind, slightly chilly air, and slightly gentle warm sunshine which is fluttering people’s hearts. It’s not easy to make Hanoi Autumn become so beautiful in many people’s mind, if it’s due to Hanoi’s sceneries, humans, food or something else …

Coming to Hanoi in the fall, sauntering down the streets, you’ll be impressed by the ancient dracontomelum-tree-street Phan Dinh Phung, with 2 sidewalks covered with fallen yellow leaves, the blooming barringtonia acutangula showing off their beauty on the Sword Lake, or the fragrance of milk flowers scenting the streets Ba Trieu, Quang Trung, Nguyen Tri Phuong, Quan Thanh, Tran Dai Nghia…


 West Lake in autumn afternoon is also a beautiful sight you should not miss in Hanoi. In autumn sunset on the West Lake, the vast lake is dyed yellow of the afternoon sunset. That is when you will witness the magical transferring moment of nature, the sky gradually changes from gold to red and the sun is out, leaving the orange rays of sunlight flashed behind the clouds. All that magical transfer only appears in less than an hour, but can bring who has witnessed the full ecstasy feelings.


There is not only many places to go, the autumn of Hanoi also has many delicious dishes to enjoy. Referring to the “Hanoi delicacies”, we can not fail to mention Com (green rice flakes), a real simple gift bringing the own characteristics of Hanoi Autumn. Com scenting with the fragrance of rice, along with the vendors, goes around every streets of Hanoi. Com is also the materials to make many dishes xoi com (Com sticky rice), banh com (Com Cake), che com (Com sweetened porridge), cha com (Com spring roll) … which are the specialties of the Ha Thanh land.


Cha ruoi (Spring roll made by from Clam worm) is a typical dish of Hanoi in the autumn, Clam worm only appears around the end of September, and the beginning of October according to the lunar calendar. Cha ruoi of Hanoi with aromatic sweet, tasty of clam worm mixed with egg and the scent of ginger leaves, mandarin peel will make anyone who has eaten “addicted” and want to enjoy more and more.


Late September and early October is also the time dracontomelum starts ripening. Everywhere in Hanoi, we can also see basket of pickled dracontomelum which is exhibited to sell very attractively. The dracontomelum is shaved their peel, cut into eye-catching long pieces. Pickles ripening dracontomelum tastes a little sour, a little chilly, a little sweet mixing with each other, creating such unforgettable taste.


There are many other interesting things of Hanoi waiting for you explore. Prior to coming to the other places, you can stop at La Badiane, a restaurant located on Nam Ngu Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.


Here, you can also fully enjoy the atmosphere of the autumn in a lush green garden with attractive dishes, which absolutely gives you plenty of unforgettable experience in your travel to Hanoi Autumn.