Enjoy 3 special fish dishes at La Badiane

If you love seafood, you surely can not ignore the fish dishes at La Badiane. It certainly  will be a new experience for you from the flavor of the sea.

It can be said that the fish dishes are various. However, with the rigorous selection of ingredients and based on nutritional criteria and appeal factors, La Badiane has introduced many tasty fish dishes. Let’s experience 3 fish dishes featured on our menu.

Salmon tartar with mellow goat cheese & pink pepper corn, dry fruits & herbs dressing


Tiny cubes-cut of raw salmon that is naturally sweet, mixed with herbs and dry fruits served with a thick melted goat cheese sauce, a little arugula and soy sprouts are the answer to the perfection of this dish.

As one of best-seller starters at La Badiane, this dish deserve to appear in luxurious dining.

Sea bass meunière in spices, pumpkin salad & citrus


Sea bass meunière in spices has an appealing smell, well go with freshly sour taste of citrus. Taste a piece to smell the aroma of delicious sea bass with juicy butter, pumpkin salad & citrus

Mid red tuna fillet cooked, avocado & tomato tartar with red onion, chili pepper coulis


The sweetness of the fish with the slightly sourness of the tomato, crispy onions and tiny cube-cut of buttery avocado ; mixed with the hint of the chili bell pepper sauce will stir up your mouth and makes you feel both impatient and calm. The subtle combination of color is another key factor make it the first choice of La Badiane customers

Come to La Badiane to experience the fish dishes in a freshly gentle atmosphere.