The elegance of the dining style of French (Part 2)

Knives, forks, spoons, forks, cups

In the party in the style of French, knives, forks, spoons, forks, cups will be placed fully available for each dish. The French will use them in order from outside to inside and after finishing, they will put them back in the original position.

A noticable thing is that the French always avoid putting used knives, forks, spoons to touch the table, and keep them in hand after putting food in their mouths as well.

anh bai viet 3.1

Knives, forks, spoons, cups are fully available for the French meal

How to eat

The French only begin the meal after the table is ready for everyone. When eating, they always sit up straight. The way people chew their food is very elegant and sophisticated.

For the meats, cheeses, they only use small pieces. Thus, they can still talk and enjoy the meal politely. For soup, the French always hold the spoons forward toward themselves.

anh bai 3.2

Behaving in the French meal has always been considered as a benchmark to learn


Speaking in a French meal is an “art” of communication. For any conversation during the meal, the French always express their concern and pay attention to the story to create the intimate atmosphere during the meal. They also avoid talking loudly not to affect the surrounding people and talking while his mouth was full of food is a taboo.

anh bai 3.3

Speaking in the French meal requires high sophistication in communication

You can “practice” your French-style eating like a true French in Hanoi in La Badiane at 10, Nam Ngu. Please contact us at the number (04) 3942.4509 to reserve a table.