The elegance of the dining style of French (Part 1)

Becoming such a gourmet person as a connoisseur French is definitely artful. Let’s explore with La Badiane some factors that make the subtleties in the dining style of French.


In an intimate dinner with friends or family, napkin is indispensable in the French table.

The placement of the French napkin in each situation also follow a certain rule. Napkin is placed with close angle toward the occupants, then gradually openned. If you have to leave in the middle of the meal, the French would put the napkin down on the seat. When the meal was finished, the napkin will be put on the right of the fork.

A taboo in using napkin of French is to let the napkin open or use it to wipe his face. For them, napkin is only used to soak the mouth during the meal.

anh bai 2.1

For the French, using napkin in the meal also follows the certain standards


You think the French would use bread to be appetizer for a meal, don’t you? Actually, it is completely wrong.

On the table of the French, bread is used in the period of finishing the appetizer. They just sip a little to “neutralize” their taste to prepare for the main course.


The French are very sophisticated in combining food with wine. For examples, Bordeaux is often served with red meat, depending on the type of meat that Bordeaux is used with different concentrations.

Champagne is often chosen as an appetizer baverage for all parties by the French. They do really appriciate wine in their meals and will never leave the table with a full glass of wine or even half.

anh bai 2.2

Wine is the favorite “spice” in the meal of the French

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