Eating healthy instead of trying to lose weight (P.1)

Understanding foods

Daily food supply for humans are essential for the body to produce energy and basic substances that your body can not synthesize, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids some, and fatty acid. In the remaining food with fibers is essential for the body to fight disease.

Healthy eating

The food component to include three types of energy is glucose or carbohydrates (called literally is sugar), protein, and lipids (fats). Each gram of sugars and proteins provide 4 calories and fat 9 calories. So how much food to fat or fat calories, but also for much cholesterol!

What is healthy eating?

That is to know the necessary energy supply to the body and not too little to avoid depression.

VI Healthy eating

According to the Food Pyramid, people generally do suggest daily use:

-  The majority of benthic food including grains, then add a section to the second group consisting of fruit vegetables, and fruits.

- Use a food moderately higher floors on two groups: milk and meat as well as the nuts

- Finally, limiting the food of the highest floor, the top of the tower map, including fatty foods and sugar.

How should you eat?

1. Eat a variety of food that’s good for your health

You must understand that no one dish to complete all necessary nutrients, such as vitamin C orange but less vitamin B12, whereas meat for many vitamin B12, vitamin C deficiency but therefore you have to know how to balance and moderation of food intake.

Healthy eating 3

2. Balance between eating and exercising

It’s essential to establish and maintain good eating habits to avoid weight gain when you get old. It’s good to eat healthy, and it’s also necessary exercise regularly to burn the calories remained in your body, making you healthier and look better.

Healthy eating 4

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