Eating healthy instead of trying to lose weight (P.2)

(See part 1 here.)

3. Eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and grain pit

Fruits and vegetables provide much of the amount of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin A, folate compounds. Vitamins C and E vitamins are antioxidants has a mission to fight cancer and some chronic diseases. Mineral salts also found more in fruits and vegetables. In addition to iron and limestone substances as mentioned above, the substance potassium (K) are needed for the body to fight high blood pressure. Food contains many K as potatoes and sweet potatoes, cabbage, bananas, mangoes, grapes, oranges, grapefruit…


Pan-fried scallops meunière in spices, grapefruit & apple salad, smashed sweet potato, beetroot juice in almonds

You should note right away this wonderful dish of La Badiane back to when it would have the opportunity to visit here to enjoy it.

4. Choose the food with less salt

Salt, especially sodium salt is used daily to the wedge food, when used too frequently can lead to high blood pressure disease, not good for health.

5. Avoid food with saturated fat and cholesterol

My advice for you is to use the green food, nutrient-rich medium back less bad harm to the body. Secret dishes West and amaranth bench black olives, arugula-eating vegetables with lemon and sesame cakes jam together at La Badiane is located in La’s vegan menu Badinae sure is a perfect choice for.


6. Consume less sugar

7. Reduce junk food

To sudden hungers, you should choose the main dish that provides you with enough substance and energy.

French sweet breakfast 4

Main course: Australian grilled beef tenderloin, pea mousseline in smoked paprika with sweet potato, 5 peppers sauce

The Gastronomique menu La Badiane still has a lot in store for you! Let La Badiane accompany you throughout the journey to lose weight, keep in shape by creating for you the healthiest food.