Each different kind of cheese for everyday in France

For Westerners, cheese is the indispensable food in their daily meal. In particular, France is a “champion” country for its variety of cheese with about 350 different kinds.

Paradise of cheese

With 350 types of cheese, the French can enjoy one different kind of cheese in each day over the year. If it is the first time you have visit France, you must be very surprised when coming to a cheese store. There are too many kinds with different colors and flavors for different purposes of using that you will have a chance to see. France is really a cheese paradise!

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If you are a connoisseur of cheese, and thoroughly understand which one you need, which flavor, for which food, you can absolutely choose the most suitable one meeting your need in here.

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French cheese is classified by region. There is a feature type of cheese for each area with its typical taste: “Cheese king” Camembert scenting the fruit milk smell must be in Normandy, the attractive of Auvergne or Roquefort is a feature of the Aveyron valley.

Paradise of making cheese

It is difficult to mention all the variety of dishes made from cheese. Normally, the French eat cheese as the dessert after the main course. These small pieces of sliced ​​cheese served with salad plays a special role in exciting the soaring in your soul.

In a more traditional way, they will enjoy cheese with baked bread and a glass of red wine. It is likened that breads lacking cheese is the same as drinking tea without biscuits or eating salad without juice.

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Or in a more sophisticated way, the French will make the pastries with cheese in various way. Sometimes, cheese is used as the filling to spread between the slides, or it is powdered to coat outside the Gâteaux cake, or cheese is eaten with Parmaham …

In the middle days between autumn and winter which is still a little bit cold, what could be better than enjoying a piece of greasy cheese, sipping some red wine, and chatting with friends in the peaceful space of La Badiane