Discovering the New Year all over the world (Part 2)

4. Ghana

In the New Year’s Eve, the Ghana will gather, eating and singing together. Till 4-5 o’clock in the morning, they will visit their siblings among the family and then their closed friends.

Under the old customs, at midnight, the Ghana will scream out loud to drive away any bad luck of the old year so that it won’t be able to cling to the New Year.


In the New Year’s Eve, the Ghana will come out the street to sing all night

5. Colombia

Burning dolls is the New Year tradition in many cities in Colombia. The dolls burned will be stuffed with the things that people do not want any more or the things evoke sadness, unhappiness.

The Colombia believe that destroying the undesirable things in the past will help you forget the badluck of the old year and be willing to welcome a Happy New Year.

6. Myanmar

The Myanmar celebrates the New Year according to the Buddhist calendar, so their New Year is in lunar mid-April.

In particular, the Myanmar believe that there is nothing better for greeting New Year than throwing water at each other. Even in large citiies, they put the water tanks along the streets to “watch for” the pedestrians and throw water at them instead of saying.


The Myanmar believe that who was thrown most water is the luckiest person of the New Year

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