Discovering the New Year all over the world (Part 1)

Different countries have different ways of welcoming the New Year according to the particular traditional customs. Let’s explore with La Badiane about the customary in the New Year to somewhat understand the culture and lifestyles of people around 5 continents.

1. France

In France, people use champagne to welcome the New Year. At the New Year’s Eve, people begin the party until January 3rd.

It is interesting that in the morning of the 1st, French farmers are going watch the wind direction. If it is the South wind, the new year will be peaceful, if it is the West wind, the fisheries and milking cows will thrive, if it is the East wind, there is a bumber crop of fruit, but if it is the North wind, that will be a year of bad harvest.

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The French celebrates the New Year by clinking champagne glass and wishing each other good luck, happiness

2. Canada

Canadians have the extremely special custom of celebrating the New Year. During the New Year, they will build snow around their houses because they believe that that the mountain snow can prevent the devil and keep the New Year peace.

3. Japan

In Japan, the New Year is called Oshogatsu – which means family gatherings occasion. At exactly 12 o’clock of New Year’s Eve, the bells of the school ring 108 times to give the signal of the coming New Year. It is also the time that many Japanese go to the pagodas to worship and buy amulets. Japanese festival usually lasts up to 2 weeks.

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The New Year is an occasion when the Japanese gather with their family

In the New Year’s Eve, the Japanese will ring a bell 100 times to drive away any bad luck of the previous year. In addition, they often hang a ring made of dry straw on frontdoor because it is a symbol of joy and luck.

Which country celebration are you impressed most? If you love the way of celebrating of French, come to La Badiane on December 31st to enjoy the special New Year dinner. Contact for table reservation at: (04) 3942.4509