Discovering French cuisine in New Year

These four signature dishes of French cuisine have a massive meaning in New Year’s Eve. This time, you are able to enjoy them right in Hanoi, at La Badiane

Discover La Badiane’s special menus only for Christmas and New Year season:

Foie gras

Every year, French people produce more than 19,000 tons of foie gras, accounting for 2/3 of the total global output. But at the same time, ¾ of that is consumed by them.

Cook it by sophistication, enjoy it with sophistication – an exquisite cuisine like French absolutely highly appreciates this dish.

6 - Gan ngỗng ăn cùng với xốt táo nghiền và quả vả (1)

Foie gras with apple chutney is the first dish in special menu for New Year’s Eve at La Badiane.

Grilled Australian beef tenderloin

To cheer up New Year, French people usually have Roast turkey with chestnut stuffing or Grilled Australian beef tenderloin, asparagus risotto in truffle oil, green pepper sauce.


Let La Badiane serve you the best Grilled Australian beef tenderloin in exclusive menus only on 31st December, 2016.


Known as the culinary capital of Europe, France is famous for the world’s richest different types of cheeses. French people have a habit of tasting a little cheese after taking the main course. And of course this is the indispensable dish in the New Year feast.


A mixed plate of cheesecake will be integral in all annual banquet


French people have high requirements in choosing different wines in each meal. Red wine only pairs with dishes made with red meat while white wine is for dishes made with seafood. The only wine that can combine with all kind of food is champagne. Drinking champagne to celebrate is a tradition of French people.


Make a toast for a lucky year

For only 1,990,00vnđ each person, you have 6 signature dishes on a lovely Christmas. Please come to La Badiane and enjoy with your beloved friends and family members on 31st December, 2016.

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