Discover the wonderful effects of anise (Part 2)

3. “Miraculous” herbal remedy

Other than applied in processing cosmetics, anise oil is also a precious medicinal herb which is used by many countries like China, India, Japan …  as a “miraculous” remedy to make up many kinds of drug preventing flu, stomachache, arthritis, backache, food poisoning and detoxifying the poisonous snake bites,…

In addition, anise oil used in massage helps recover mental balance, release stress and makes you feel comfortable, relaxed after a long tiring day at work.


Anise oil is the precious herb that can treat many diseases, reduce stress when used in massage

4. The meaning of star anise in La Badiane

Did you ever know what star anise means to La Badiane? Then you should know that La Badiane is a French word meaning “Anise”.

Deciding to use anise as a symbol and a name for the restaurant, the owners of La Badiane wants to show the criterion of compounding cuisine in French style with typical local spices (such as anise, pepper, chili, coriandetr, cinnamon , cumin, ginger …) in accordance with the original purpose when building and developing this restaurant in Vietnam.

Coming to the “anise restaurant” and you will see this symbol appearing in the shape of the folded towel on the table, in the menu sheet, in the playing tracks, or even in the way of serving and working here: delicate, harmonious and balanced.


Anise symbols appear everywhere at La Badiane

What are you waiting for? Come to La Badiane to enjoy the cuisine in Asian – European style at No 10 Nam Ngu and do not forget to notice the presence of this anise symbol in La Badiane. Contact to book a table at: (04) 3942.4509.