Discover the wonderful effects of anise (Part 1)

Many people know about anise but few of them know of the real benefits of it in daily life. Let’s discover with La Badiane the great effects of anise in cooking, curing, beautifying and the special meanings of this flower.

1. A perfect spice for dishes

It is widely known that it is anise that is daily used, however there is also another kind which is sweet fennel. Star anise has the same aroma as liquorice but it is more pungent and mentholated, and it plays an important role in making five-spice powder – a spice used in marinating fried or broiled dishes.


Five-spice powder made from anise is often used for marinating broiled dishes, makes them tasty and infuse the spices.

Especially for the needles, stew, curry …, anise is also an indispensable spice, which not only increases the nutritional value but also gets rid of the stinking smell of meat, and also give the dishes their delicious and typical taste.

Besides, cakes for appetizer or sweet dessert having passionate aroma of anise also contribute to make up a wonderful meal.

2. Star anise – Beauty therapy

Star anise contains a lot of anise oil that when anise is distilled from fresh fruit, we can get the amount of about 3 to 3.5% liquid oil, which is colorless or light yellow and has the special fragrance.

You must have heard of the skin moisturizing or hair smoothing products derived from star anise. It is all because in beauty therapy, anise oil is considered as one of the most precious ingredients to produce beauty cosmetics, particularly for skin and hair. Anise oil has a very good effect in making the skin soft, healthy and on the other hand preventing acnes effectively. In addition, the anise oil not only helps your hair become silk, strong… but also your scalp healthy and prevent dandruff, itch without leaving any side effects.


Star anise is a valuable herb that almost women have trusted and used to beautify effectively.

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