Discover Vietnamese feature in a French space at La Badiane

The harmony among the two cultures of Vietnam – France is always expressed by human, dishes … and even space at La Badiane. Have you ever surprised when discovering a very pure Vietnamese corner at La Badiane yet?

The 1st floor

With La Badiane, 1st floor is an open space towards intimacy and having a strong attachment to nature. Just by this criterion, we have seen a very Vietnamese culture. So far, under any circumstances, the Vietnamese culture in particular and Asian culture in general is always towards the harmony with nature.


… Open space, a strong attachment to nature, taking advantage of natural light…

There, we also find a very familiar scenes which is acquainted with every Vietnamese.


… Ornament banana trees, plain arrowroot tree with fussy French architecture…

BN0I4746 (2)

… The familiar bird cages are stylized creatively, turning into the lanterns…

The 2nd Floor

Though the space is designed to focus on creating the private, discreet, romantic, comfortable space, we can still easily find out the Vietnamese features.


… The existence of Vietnamese human and soul is all over the space of La Badiane…


… Bamboo and rattan furniture is exquisitely used in a very romantic and French space…


…Sophistication from bamboo decorations…

What Vietnamese corners have you explored? Come to No 10, Nam Ngu to feel that harmonious blending and share them with us!