Discover unique flavors of the nuts at La Badiane

After being processed and combined with other special ingredients by talented chefs at La Badiane, the simple almonds, hazelnuts and Chongqing chestnuts, etc will become  extremely attractive dishes that you can not refuse!

Not only contributing as a remark of each dish, nuts used in La Badiane menu also bring great nutritional values for dinners. If you are the big fan of nuts, please do not ignore the following dishes at La Badiane:

1. Tiramisu with chestnut cream in Amaretto liquor, crispy chocolate

Delicious Tiramisu has traveled around the world and become an indispensable dish in coffee cups. At La Badiane, the insider of the cake is a soft, smooth cheese layer mixed with fresh chestnut. Specially, the typical taste and aroma of almond in Amaretto liquor will bring the best out of Italian Tiramisu. It is certainly an unforgettable experience of customers at La Badiane.


2. Banana nem with hazelnut & pistachio, salty caramel from Guérande, pistachio ice-cream

This is an exotic dish, combined by “hot” and “cold” in a subtle way. Fragrant and sticky banana spring rolls with the presence of salty caramel and renowned French Guerande salt of this dessert will make you ecstatic. Nutty taste of hazelnut and pistachio will be a finally beautiful touch to complete this appealing dessert.


3. Foie gras with figs & blackcurrant liquor, stewed apple in spices & roasted almonds

The buttery taste of foie gras will be harmonized by blackcurrant liquor and sweet flavor from fig while attractive roasted almonds will add such an interesting taste that you can’t help waiting for the dish.


La Badiane – where customers will reach high spirit with wonderfully creative cuisine. Not only famous ingredients but the small nuts also can have chance to become more impressive.