Discover the message behind the decoration at La Badiane

If you’ve been to La Badiane, you will definitely be surprised at the variety and the “independence” of the space in the restaurant. Explore “secret” message behind the layout space in the “number 1 French restaurant in Vietnam” offline.

1. Colors                                            

An interesting point at La Badiane is that there is an opposite of overall color in space and time but still agreement in the restaurant’s general appearance.

The space of the 1st floor in “anise restaurant” is significantly opposite of the 2nd one. On the 1st floor, the natural space is dignified and matched with natural factors like trees in favor of Vietnamese customers with irreducible colors: black, white, green, evoking an informal manner but no less elegance.


The space of the 1st floor is simple, elegant and blended with nature

Meanwhile, the space of the 2nd floor highten the noble, exactly as a standard five-star restaurant with the table spread a red cloth, red chairs with aristocratic patterns. Overall, the color tone of the 2nd floor evokes the warmth and luxury in European style.


In contrast to the 1st floor, the space of the 2nd floor is so “luxurious” with aristocratic red patterns

However, when darkness falls, the space of both floors is blended in a whole, making up a luxurious and magnificient La Badiane by the warm and light golden light.

2. How to decorate

Have you ever wondered why a French five-star restaurant like La Badiane mainly hung the paintings which is close and honest about Vietnam?

That’s because those paintings are the result of the journeys to travel and explore throughout Vietnam of one of the owners of the restaurant – Mr. Ming Spielman, which also expresses his style: simplicity, gentleness and profound.


The paintings hung bring the unique flavor of Vietnam to La Badiane

In addition, curtains, tablecloths, napkins … furnished in European style, blending with the typical feature of Vietnam is not only opposite but also exalting the message of La Badiane – the the perfect mingle between Vietnamese – French cuisine and culture.

Are you impressed with the layout of the space at La Badiane? Come to La Badiane to enjoy the great food in style of Vietnamese – French cuisine and enjoy the luxurious but still close space of the “anise restaurant”. Contact to book a table at: (04) 3942.4509.