Italian dishes at La Badiane

Italian cuisine is vibrant in both ingredients and presentation. Similar to the French cuisine, each element in Italian dishes plays a vital role in creating the overall flavor of the dish. The two cuisines have become famous not only in Europe but around the world. Here at La Badiane, we have paired them up and created amazing dishes with the French – Italian culinary mixture.

Goat cheese rolled in Parma ham

Cà tím nướng, pho mát dê cuộn trong giăm bông Parma Ý, ăn với sốt lá húng và dấm đen tại La Badiane

Grilled eggplants & goat cheese rolled in Parma ham, pesto & balsamic sauce

The most popular dish in Italy is salted ham from the city of Parma. It takes from 8 months to 2 years to turn the pigs’ legs into high quality Parma ham with the eye-catching color of brown-ish pink.

The dish is a wonderful combination between Parma harm and goat cheese, grilled eggplants and sweet-and-sour balsamic sauce. Such an elegant appetizer that you should not miss during summer!

Carpaccio beef in wasabi

Bò sống thái lát mỏng Carpaccio sốt mù tạt, ăn kèm sa lát rau arugula và mầm cải với mứt gừng, bánh pho mát Ý khô và hành khô

Carpaccio beef in wasabi, arugula & soybean sprouts with candied ginger, Parmesan cheese biscuit & fries shallots

If the Korean has become famous with their Yukhoe dish of raw beef, the Italians can also be proud for having their raw beef dish named Carpaccio. Cool, thin slides of red beef in olive oil and lemon juice is the Italians’ favorite food during the hot summer days.

At La Badiane, Carpaccio beef is seasoned with wasabi, served with aragula, Parmesan cheese biscuit and fried shallots. The fresh taste of the beef is hard to find in the ordinary types of beef. This appetizer will be your wonderful first step into a fine culinary experience.

Crusted red tuna with asparagus risotto

Cá ngừ phủ bột nướng giòn với vừng và cỏ xạ hương, ăn kèm cơm risotto Ý măng tây với nấm sốt mù tạt Nhật và sốt gừng vang đỏ

Crusted red tuna with thyme & sesame, mushroom & asparagus risotto in wasabi, ginger red wine sauce

Risotto is one of the most favored rice dish in the North of Italy where the best rice is cultivated, harvested and cooked by many Milan chefs. It is also an Italian signature food that has become famous all over the world.

A generous slice of marinated red tuna, covered with a crust of sesame seeds and thyme keep the flesh inside firm and full of flavors. Served with an Italian risotto of asparagus and mushrooms with a touch of Wasabi. The reduction of Red wine and ginger sauce will make the final touch to this beautiful dish.

Pan-fried scallops with seafood lasagna and saffron sauce

Sò điệp rán và mỳ Ý nướng hải sản ăn cùng nấm, rau và sốt nghệ

Pan-fried scallops, seafood lasagna with mushrooms & vegetables, saffron emulsion

With firm scallops, you will also feel the softness, sweetness and saltiness of sea. Meanwhile, vegetables lasagna embrace tiny-chopped seafood mixed with saffron emulsion. Being one of the most favored main course at La Badiane, this dish will bring you a diverse and elegant culinary experience for sure. A fresh taste of the sea for summer!

Come to La Badiane to experience the unforgettably tasty Italian dishes.