Discover the elegance of La Badiane

Carrying the feature of French culture, La Badiane has put on the subtlety, irresistibility and captivation to customers. Do you know that?

Elegant space

You must be astonished to see the elegance and sophistication of La Badiane on each line if you are a subtle and profound person.

The elegant beauty of La Badiane doesn’t show off in the crowded city but shows the gentleness and subtlety in such smallest lines.

The first is the bright white of the whole space, it expresses the elegance and nobleness.

However, above all others, the bewitchingly exquisite and alluringly elegant architecture is the thing to conquer you.


The soft curved lines of the architecture make the elegance for this restaurant.

Or the way that black and white color of the enameled tile is mixed has evaluated the luxury of this restaurant


Elegant style of service

Never has La Badiane let the customers down due to their style of service. It is they who are always elegant, courteous and conscientious at work


You will always feel welcome here with their polite and gentle manner.

By their thoughtfulness and wholeheartedness, those people have quietly brought the soul to La Badiane.

Elegant customers

Obviously, they are an integral part of a luxury restaurant.

The sweet and subtle gestures of the customers to their companies is what makes La Badiane became a romantic, elegant than ever.


Why don’t you come to La Badiane, experience this elegance on your own and create the elegance for yourself? At No. 10, Nam Ngu, La Badiane is always waiting for you!