Discover the class of learning about Masterclass wines of La Badiane

You love and want to learn about this “cool” baverage, don’t you? Let’s discover a Masterclass wine-tasting event at La Badiane for the first time which includes the very interesting sharing from an expert named Jean-Bernard Baudron from The Warehouse.

The first wine class of La Badiane

This class to learn about Masterclass wine is organized and based on the idea of bringing the special tasting wine experience of La Badiane and eagering to learn about wine of these wine lovers in Hanoi.

La Badiane in collaboration with the largest wine brand in Vietnam – The Warehouse has held the unique Masterclass course at No. 10 Nam Ngu, on 11.24.2015.

What will you get when coming to Masterclass?

Onlyby a reasonable fee do the participants have the opportunity to enjoy 8 different top-ranking types of champagne from Bordeaux – where is famous for many popular kinds of wine such as Medoc, Pauillac, Margaux, St-Emilion, …

anh bai 1.1

Coming to La Badiane’s Masterclass, people can enjoy many different kinds of wine from the famous Bordeaux

Joining this special class, “students” can also learn a lot of useful information, from distinguishing the color, the taste of different types of wine to enjoying, combining them with other baverages as suitable as possible.

Mr. Jean-Bernard Baudron – one of the most experienced expert in wine at The Warehouse is a “coach” who directly guide the class. Mr Baudron shelved his busy work in Ho Chi Minh City to enthusiastically participate in this special event of La Badiane.

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Expert Jean-Bernard Baudron is explaining the knowledge of wine to those who attended this event

Formally, La Badiane has organized some free wine tasting sessions for 40-50 people. However, in that event, “apart from enjoying wine and cakes, the participants did not obtain any useful knowledge,” Mr Florent Moncan – Management La Badiane said. So for this time, La Badiane has limited the number of participants to 16, and had the guiding expert to ensure that the participants are able to try wine and learn useful knowledge as well.

anh bai 1.3

Tasting Masterclass wine event limited the number of participants and focused on exchanging knowledge about wine

Developing trend of Masterclass in the future

After the success of the first class, La Badiane is planning to organize the similar class for wine lovers in Hanoi. Masterclass is expected to take place regularly on Tuesday evening of each month, and focus more on Vietnamese customers, Mr. Florent Moncan – Management of La Badiane said.

It is hoped that with the support of customers and the dedication of La Badiane, Masterclass will become one of the most familiar destinations for those who love and want to learn about wine in Hanoi.