Dining Etiquette

Continuing the series about dinning etiquette, today La Badiane will bring you a few notes on how to handle at-the-table meals. See our tips on buffet etiquette here.

Tips on dinning etiquette:

+ Sitting posture: sit up straight, keep the distance between yourself and the table about the length of a hand, but this distance can be changed as long as you are comfortable with your sitting posture. If you bring bags, place it at the back of the seat. Do not cross-leg or move your legs and do not place hands on chin.

– How to use eating cloth and utensils:

+ Napkin: folded, gently dab one of four corners on your mouth when needed. Do not move the napkin in front of anyone to avoid disturbing their meals.

+ Eating utensils: Knife on right hand, fork on left, cutting and enjoying the food at the same time. When cutting the food, remember to avoid making noises or dropping it. If using chopstick, pick only a small portion of food each time. Do not lift up the bowl to eat the soup. Remember which ones are your eating utensils to avoid picking somebody else’s.


– Enjoying foods and beverages:

+ Appetizer: usually soup. The soup will be placed in a small bowl or deep plate. If it’s hot, stir it a few rounds with your spoon then scoop up small spoons to eat, avoid picking up the whole bowl to slurp the soup or let the spoon touch your bowl so clumsily it makes noises.


Pumpkin soup and grilled cheese on toast at La Badiane

+ Main course: Depending on the type of foods that there are certain styles to eat. For fish, use the knife and fork to cut along the bone, start eating from bottom half to top. For meat, cut the piece of meat into smaller pieces. Using hands is permitted when eating chicken, shrimps or seafood, but remember to wash your hands when finished. Washing bowl is often a small glass bowl with a few rose petals on top, just merely dip your fingers onto the water and do not scrub your entire hands.

– Beverages:

+ Hard and soft drinks are often served at parties. It’s not recommended to sip wine when you still have food in your mouth. Do not drink too much. If you can’t drink, turn the glass upside down and place it on the table and use soft drinks instead. Or only dip your lips in the wine when cheering, then place the glass on the table.


Thưởng thức rượu vang cùng các món ăn là cách người phương tây cảm nhận hương vị món ăn một cách trọn vẹn

+ Khi ăn xong bạn cũng nên để dụng cụ song song trong thành đĩa để phục vụ dọn đồ đi. Nếu chẳng may bạn làm rơi vỡ đồ gì đó không nên hoảng hốt hãy ngồi yên sẽ có người đến dọn dẹp.

Trong lúc dự tiệc kĩ năng giao tiếp dường như không đủ mà cả cung cách ăn uống cũng sẽ thể hiện rõ phong cách của bạn, vì vậy hãy ăn uống sao cho thật tinh tế để gây cảm tình với mọi người!