The differences in the culinary cultures of some countries around the world

Each culinary culture has its own characteristics. It is polite for Canadians to go to eat late, French use bread as an eating utensil on the table… Here is an article to sum up the differences in the cuisine of 9 countries around the world:


Canada – You should be late

It is accepted to come late if you are invited to a meal. If you are come on time or earlier, it will be consider as odd behavior.

Chile – Always use knife and fork…

Chilean always use knife, spoon and fork to eat, so if your hands touch the food on the table, it will be considered as evil.

Georgia – Cheer and drink all of the wine in your glass at once

In Republic of Georgia, people sit around a round table, drinking wine together. When giving a toast, they have to drink wine in the glass in one time and the drinking meeting takes about an hour. After toasting, people go around the table. They only toast with vodka or wine and it is normal with 10 -15 glasses.

France – Use bread as an eating utensil

Not only have bread to eat, French also use them to put food into their mouths. Moreover, bread even is used as a knife or fork.

China – Make it messy and burp

Chinese people think if you make the table cluttered, you feel relaxing with the meal. Much of leftovers on your plate means you feel full with the food, but if you eat up all the rice in bowl, it would be considered as rude. Moreover, burp sounds means a praise for delicious food.

Egypt – Pour wine for others

Customary of pouring wine for others and wait for them to pour back is mandatory in Egypt. It is not acceptable for Egyptians to pour winefor themselves. You can ask somebody to pour for you when you need more.

Germany – Eat on time

Coming late to a meal is considered disrespectful and impolite with the Germans, so you should be on time.

India – Eat with the right hand

Indians consider the right hand as a symbol of truth and justice while the left hand is evil and wicked, so they use the right hand to eat and give things to others.

Korea – Making arms crossed means “yes”

To agree to any kind of food or drink, Koreans express the symbol of 2 arms crossed.