The dessert that suits the summer most

If there’d be an award like this, the most votes might go to the ice cream. No food is as satisfying on a hot summer day as ice cream.

Enjoying a cool treat on a hot day is favourite summertime activity. It is much more satisfying if you would end your meal with mouthwatering ice cream as dessert. We ensure your meal will end on a sweet note.


End any summertime meal on a delicious note with these desserts

Colorful and combined with natural flavour of fruits, ice cream is the essence of Summer. The sweet and cool of ice cream refreshes your palate and your taste after a heavy meal with a large burst of protein.

Furthermore, sugar also is known as the factor that help improving your mood. It can make you feel more delighted and optimistic and leave the sweltering summer behind. So, a scrumptious of ice cream not only satifies every craving but also hit the spot.


They’re the perfect melt-in-your mouth bite when you want a tiny treat

All you have to do is to choose the ice cream that you like the best: tanerine sorbet, fresh mint ice cream, pistachio ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream & red fruit coulis, Grenadine crème brulée, lime sorbet, Baileys “crème brulée”,… Just by a tiny treat, you can feel the perfect melt in your mouth and all the fun begins. Ice cream is exactly your summer go-to dessert.


The essence of the season is perfectly captured in this ice cream