Delicious dishes made from salmon at La Badiane

Salted fresh raw salmon, aromatic grilled salmon or smoked glossy salmon… How many salmon dishes at La Badiane have you ever tried? Take a “note” in your notebook all attractive dishes made from this high quality ingredient.

Salmon tartar with mellow goat cheese & pink pepper corn, dry fruits & herbs dressing

DSC_6210 copy

Sweet tiny cubes-cut salmon with  mellow goat cheese meal and pink pepper corn. Specially, dry fruits & herbs sauces are dotted skillfully, which makes the dish special.

Being s a appetizer which has pleased many diners at La Badiane, this dish totally suits luxury parties or even simply an indulgence, self-reward.

Grilled salmon fillet, zucchini & beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade

DSC_6518 copy

If you’re a barbecue addict, you cannot ignore this dish. Firm salmon fillet but the flesh is still soft and fragrant, mingled with zucchini, beetroot cannelloni stuffed with black olives tapenade. Sipping a glass of red wine and slowly enjoy this dish, regardless of on the rainy or sunny day, your light feast cannot be more perfect.

Marinated salmon & Parma ham with goat cheese mousse, arugula with pine nuts, pepper sauce

DSC_6433 copy

It wouldn’t be completed without listing this dish in the preferred choice of many customers coming to La Badiane. Recipes simple can’t diminish attractiveness of the dish when combining meaningfully with Parma ham and sucking aromatic goat cheese mousse, fresh arugula promise to give you the feeling of relaxation.

Smoked salmon and caviar in mustard, white sesame cake

Smoked salmon is an impressive recipe of Chef Benjamin. The allure of spicy mustard sauce blended with premium caviar will surely not disappoint you.

Don’t hesitate to experience salmon dishes in our restaurant!